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Magical Realism
Adventures in Everyday Living
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29th-May-2011 10:37 pm - Garden Update
My Girl
The garden out in my little patio looks great! The honeysuckle is climbing...


Wisteria is blooming...

Lavender smell is wafting...

Peonies are...peoning...

And the dogs are confused about their leashes.

2nd-Apr-2011 05:41 pm - Brown County Is Not A County
My Girl
Jeff and I spent last weekend in Nashville, IN (Brown County). We got tipsy at a wine tasting, ate delicious pulled pork nachos, and browsed in various craftsy shops.

Also, I'm pretty sure I accidentally made Turkish coffee.

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23rd-Dec-2010 03:42 pm - YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!
My Girl
8th-Jun-2010 09:01 pm - Virtual Garden!
My Girl
 Check out all the flowers that are blooming (or about to bloom) in my garden!

By the WindowCollapse )


The Fence ExteriorCollapse )

On the PatioCollapse )

Hanging BasketsCollapse )
My Girl
Few people can handle bleaching their hair from black to blonde.  Just check out this Ohno Satoshi travesty:

But that's not what we're here for...Collapse )

My Girl
It's the long-awaited return of the famous Hair Scandalization Diary!  What better way to bring it back than with every Mizushima Hiro hairstyle ever?

Warning! This will hurt.Collapse )
4th-Jun-2010 05:54 pm - Arashi Got Me A Birthday Present!
My Girl
Do you know what this means?   It means this.  Which, in turn, means this year's August 4th will pretty much be the best one ever.  Just look how overworked and tired happy they are!

And yes, I will be accepting plane/concert tickets as birthday presents.  Sorry, nook, you are put off until Christmas.
21st-May-2010 08:31 pm - Confirmed!
My Girl
Jang Guen Suk is confirmed for the Korean Kimi wa Petto

Aw, don't get too nervous, buddy.  I'm not sure how it's going to come off, either, but I'm still excited. 

This is really more about the Japanese drama, but whatever.Collapse )     
My Girl
I've always been a hair person, but lately there have been some particularly scandalous styles. 
Check out the bane of my existence.Collapse )
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